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Doterra Enrollment kits
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Choosing one of the Doterra essential oils enrollment kits is the most economical way to join Doterra because of the large discounts on products and the free membership

This simply means that when enrolling in Doterra instead of choosing the basic enrollment kit which costs 35$ / 20€ / £20 / 50 AUD choose one of the many product enrollment kits such as the Home essentials kit.

Yes, it is very tempting to go for the cheaper option, but it is a false economy and in the long run you will wonder why you had not purchase a product kit in the first place.

Enrollment kits Doterra

If I decide to purchase a Doterra oils starter kit, which one should I get?

That is a good question, so here are some simple rules to help you make the write decision for day one:

If you want to start a Doterra business or want to share their products with other people, usually a larger kits such as the Every Oil or Diamond Kit. These are the best options for you because it will actually save you money in the long run.

However, if you want Doterra oils for personal use, the Doterra cleanse and restore kit or the Home Essentials Kit is perfect for your situation.

Doterra essential oils enrollment kits

Doterra enrollment kits PDF

Choosing your Doterra starter Kit!

Here are some simple instructions on how to become a Doterra rep for only 35$ with a free webshop and no monthly fee:

How to choose a Doterra enrollment kit?
All products are linked to their respective information pages so you can quickly see descriptions, primary benefits, directions for use and more. Choose the option that is right for you based upon your budget.

How to order our Doterra enrollment kits?
Scroll down to the enrollment instruction section of this page. Doterra products are available to over 100 countries worldwide and are available in multiple currencies and markets. Select your language and country for product availability and pricing for your market location.

How to learn more about Doterra essential oils?

After you place your order you will receive instructions to access our members-only Facebook group for one-on-one support and continuing education. Participation is optional however, utilizing this valuable resource will help guide you in effectively and safely using your essential oils.

New Doterra enrollment kits

The choose of Doterra Enrollment Kits available:

AromaTouch Diffused Kit

Enroll with this kit to experience a variety of essential oils that can also be used for the AromaTouch Technique.

Cleanse & Restore Kit

This power kit is filled with the essentials to promote lifelong health.

Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused

The Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Enrollment Kit includes the perfect combination of materials to experience the uplifting and emotion boosting benefits of the aromatherapy system.

Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets

A perfect addition to every home, the Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets Enrollment Kit supports a healthy and uplifting family environment.

Home Essentials Kit

Home Essentials Kit is a great selection of oils as well as a defuser for all you household needs

Natural Solutions Kit
Fast Track Qualifying Kit

New Wellness Advocates who enroll with a Natural Solutions Kit (400 PV) and have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order the following month* will receive 100 loyalty points and start loyalty point accrual at 15 percent.

Diamond Kit
Fast Track Qualifying Kit

New Wellness Advocates who enroll with a Diamond Kit (2000 PV) and have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order the following month* will receive 400 loyalty points and start loyalty point accrual at 25 percent.

Every Oil Kit
Fast Track Qualifying Kit

New Wellness Advocates who enroll with an Every Oil Kit (1425 PV) and have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order the following month* will receive 200 loyalty points, and start loyalty point accrual at 20 percent.

Doterra new enrollment kits

How to purchase your Doterra Enrollment kit

  1. Click here to be directed to the Doterra distributor enrollment page!
  2. Choose your country and language
  3. Put your enrollment details in the form
  4. Enroller and Sponsor ID: 930175
  5. Choose your enrollment package (Basic enrollment kit is 35$ however if you purchase the many Doterra enrollment kits such as "Home Essentials Kit" the enrollment fee is waived)
  6. Add Other Products
  7. Review your Order
  8. Fill in your Shipping details
  9. Pay for the enrollment

Within a short while you will receive an email from Doterra confirming your enrollment and then in about 3 days you will receive another email from your Enroller welcoming you to Doterra.

Note for those countries outside the US:, For Countries outside the United States you will be asked to select either "Wellness Advocate or Wholesale customer" before continuing to fill in your details

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For enrollment costs outside the US
  • Enrollment in Europe: 20€
  • Enrollment in the UK: £20
  • Enrollment in Australia: 50$

If you have any question about the Doterra prices, the quality of Doterra products or becoming a Doterra Distributor email me and I will get back to you asap…..

Check out the enrollment kits!

The Doterra Enrollment kits guide will tell you all the kits available to you. Download The Doterra enrollment kit Guide right now, Read the 'Doterra enrollment guide' and get the best value for money for your Doterra products.

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